About Us

We are a husband & wife duo living up in the mountains of Idaho with our two dogs Rey & Tok.

We have always been fascinated with & drawn to the beautiful different kinds of crystals & minerals that come from the earth. Our appreciation for gems is deeply rooted in our love for nature.

We decided to start Backroad Gemz as a way to spread the uplifting energies that come from wearing these gorgeous stones & we hope you feel connected to one of the pieces in our shop. Our mission is to help you to connect you with your higher self.

Who Creates The Pieces In The Shop?

Our shop is a curated collection of pieces that are both Native American made and Non-Native American made. We purchase our inventory from a group of collaborative silver smiths and then distribute it through our website. Most of our pieces are made by Herbert Tsosie (HT), Bernie Begay Tsosie (BBT), Jennifer Salinas (JT), Rise McCray Sam (RMS or RS), AR YAZ, and more. You can see the stamp of the artist on the back or your piece.

We also silversmith many of pieces ourselves and add them to the shop (we are not Indigenous).

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